Much Oklahoma, Very Tumbleweed

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For the first time in damn near two years, I was invited to come speak at a school. Well, I’ve received a few invites but this pesky pandemic has prevented any of them from actually happening. As a result my last time in front of students was back in March of 2020. You might remember my adventures in a DEFINITELY haunted mansion from back then. (READ: There are Definitely Ghosts Here and I Don’t Care What Anyone Says)

After two years on the sidelines, I got back in the game this past week with a trip to Oklahoma to speak to students and teachers. To say it was a blast is an understatement. There were some tweaking things in the moment to maintain a safe distance from students but it all worked out.

This wasn’t my first time traveling since the beginning of the pandemic but it was my first real adventure since Oregon back in 2020. I visited my sister in Colorado back in April to meet my niece and in November made a quick trip to Disneyland.

But this was a work trip and those hit a lot different!

According to my records, I have been to Oklahoma before back in 2018 but I really don’t remember much from the trip. Actually, if it’s the trip I’m thinking of, there were tornado warnings the day I got to my hotel and I spent the better part of the trip wondering if I was going to end up in OZ at some point.

I was in the middle of nowhere for this trip but those are always the best kind of trips. People think I’m a bit crazy when I say I’m pumped for trips like this but the reality is, where I currently live is becoming more and more of a nightmare. There’s five hotels being built around me, new restaurants being built are all chain fast food places and my rent just got randomly increased by 20% and it’s insulting.

It was a super quick trip so I can’t say there were too many adventures to be had but there were definitely some sights to see so enjoy some photos from my trip. I’m pretty certain I was in a horror movie the entire time because my GPS kept trying to send me down roads where I was certain I’d be murdered.

I also saw my first ever tumbleweed while driving. I would have taken a photo of it but I ran it over and didn’t want to get out of the car where I was because it was roadkill heaven. But I did laugh a lot at it.

Spotted this Dinosaur while driving to the school in the morning. I don’t know it’s name or much about it, but I would die for this dino.
Not the hotel I stayed in but… I probably would have if given the chance.
My GPS promised to save me 45 minutes if I just took this road instead of staying on the highway. I’ve seen horror movies friend, I know how this ends. I stayed on the highway.
This house is haunted. I will not be taking questions at this time.

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