Meet Josh

Meet Josh. He’s a guy who doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person.

Hi there! My name is Josh Gunderson and you have found your way into my little corner of the internet, my universe if you will.

I consider myself something of an adventurer as my job takes me all over the country (you can learn more about my professional side here).

This blog was started in an effort to work through my writer’s block as I compose my book “You’re Doing It Wrong” and has since turned into a haven for my strange thoughts and more.

I am a runner, an educator, and the craziest of all the cat ladies. I can usually be found at a theme park taking pictures as is evidenced on my Instagram account.

I am far from perfect. My writing is, at time, clunky and I’m terrible at proof-reading before I post but people seem to love it regardless.

Within the pages of my blog you can follow my adventures through running, traveling and mental illness.

Thanks for following along.

Good luck.

Disclosure: I occasionally use affiliate links for items or products that I’m writing about but I am always honest in my opinions and reviews. When it comes to reviewing items I have received for trial purposes, it will always be disclosed within the post itself.

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