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Much Oklahoma, Very Tumbleweed

For the first time in damn near two years, I was invited to come speak at a school. Well, I’ve received a few invites but this pesky pandemic has prevented any of them from actually happening. As a result my last time in front of students was back in March of 2020. You might remember

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Am I Going to Have to Fight That Lady

Well ya’ll it has been quite the month. I keep starting up posts and getting, like, a paragraph in and then getting distracted by things like life and work and less than exciting things like that. I had a sort of day off today in that I only had to work a few hours this

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Together in the Great Big Circle Of Life

My anxiety has been through the roof this past month and the idea of visiting the parks has been overwhelming. Because Disney makes me insanely happy, I thought it was time to ease myself back into it. My wonderful friend Amaris was performing in the evening shows of Festival of the Lion King which allowed

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