Books by Josh Gunderson

My mind can be a scary place and, believe it or not, my blog posts aren’t the only thing that comes out of it! Here’s where you can do some shopping for yourself, your loved ones, or people you don’t like that much but you’d like to confuse a little bit with a random gift.

YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG- Everyone kept telling me I should write a book. It only took me ten years but I finally did it! During all that time, I dug deep into the trenches of my mind to tell my story the best way I knew how. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s serious and other times it’s just plain weird. I held nothing back in my attempt to share my truth with the world and hopefully offer insights, hope and humor in this crazy thing called life. You can buy it in paperback or e-book on Amazon!

White Night Sky Autobiography Book Cover

YOUR DIGITAL LIFE: A TEEN’S GUIDE TO THE ONLINE WORLD- Bullying Prevention and Social Media Specialist Josh Gunderson takes parents and teens on a journey through the pros and cons of the online world and social networking. Teens are asked to look beyond the screen into the real world to learn how an online identity can affect one’s reality.

How much information is too much? What should you do if you are being bullied? What if you see someone else being bullied? What happens to your posts and who is watching?

Your Digital Life shows parents and teens true-life stories emerging from the digital world and guides them to form healthy habits and relationships both online and off. Combining humor and sincerity, Josh presents real-life examples that illustrate potential repercussions of irresponsible behavior. Available from Amazon in paperback and kindle.

your digital life

CYBERBULLYING: PERPETRATORS, BYSTANDERS AND VICTIMS- I can be serious sometimes. Published in 2017, my first ever published book became a silent success. I wrote it to help give parents and educators an understanding of bullying without being bogged down by outdated statistics and inflated language. I stripped the ideas down to the basics and lay it out straight. You can buy it in paperback or e-book on Amazon!