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Much Oklahoma, Very Tumbleweed

For the first time in damn near two years, I was invited to come speak at a school. Well, I’ve received a few invites but this pesky pandemic has prevented any of them from actually happening. As a result my last time in front of students was back in March of 2020. You might remember

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Halloween Horror Nights 28: Send in the Clowns

51 days and counting until opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 28. But who’s counting? There have been a couple of new announcements since I last update about the event! Late last month Universal rounded out the event scarezones with some surprising intellectual property zones. I say surprising simply because I managed to miss both

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Halloween Horror Nights 27: American Horror Story Returns

I am breaking my vow of social media silence (which I was doing a terrible job at anyway) because I am way too excited about the announcement that just came out of Universal Studios. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a mild obsession with Halloween Horror Nights and have been actively counting down

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