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When Birds Attack? A Tale of Fins, Feathers, and Windshields

We can pretty much file this blog entry under “Sh*t That Would Only Happen to Me.” Which I don’t actually have a category for… maybe it’s time. The past few weeks have been dedicated to moving (yep, I moved again. For hopefully the last time) and as I’ve mentioned so many times before, I hate

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A Tale of Uninvited Houseguests and Cat-Ninja Warriors

THERE IS A GOD DAMN LIZARD LOOSE IN THE HOUSE AND WHAT THE ACTUALLY HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT IT?! Let’s flash back for a moment. I’m slowly getting moved into my new house (let’s not talk about the mess… boxes everywhere). It’s been over a week now and unpacking is slowgoing at

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The Nice Man in a Lab Coat Offered Me Drugs and I Said Yes

We live in weird times. I suppose after over two years of a global pandemic, that really goes without saying. Add in the fact that I live in Florida and really, I should see this as all perfectly normal. Hell, there were people marching and waving Nazi flags down the street from my house yesterday.

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