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A Tale of Uninvited Houseguests and Cat-Ninja Warriors

THERE IS A GOD DAMN LIZARD LOOSE IN THE HOUSE AND WHAT THE ACTUALLY HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ABOUT IT?! Let’s flash back for a moment. I’m slowly getting moved into my new house (let’s not talk about the mess… boxes everywhere). It’s been over a week now and unpacking is slowgoing at

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Love Home and Planet; or, Getting Naturally Clean

So, as ya’ll may remember, I am a product tester for Influenster and it is a ton a fun! The latest round of products came from Love, Home and Planet and it has been an interesting ride. Prior to receiving my box, I got an email from Influester with the subject “Prepare to post like

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Today I Cleaned a Glass-Top Stove

And now for something completely different! I have been working on my March goal of spring cleaning and I realized I had a fun opportunity to share some of my “life hacks” with the world. By “life hacks” I mean things that I do to make my life easier because I’m a lazy American and

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