Oh, You Must Be New Here


No one is going to be surprised by this but: I got yelled at on social media.

This really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone since I’m known to post the stupidest things possible at any given point but this one actually took me a full minute to fully process because of how weird it seemed to me.

So here’s what happened:

Back in March, my sister birthed her second child. That’s right, I’m an uncle- AGAIN! The newest little nugget was forcibly removed from the womb on March 8 and she came pre-loaded with a level of sass that tells me that she won’t be taking shit from anyone and before we know it, she will be the supreme ruler of the universe.

In case you don’t believe me:

This child will not be having ANY OF YOUR FUCKING NONSENSE KAREN! She will cut you so fast! (I should specify that I’m referring to the collective manager-demanding Karens of the world and not my brother-in-law’s mother who is named Karen. I really don’t need more people coming at me.)

Anyway, on the morning of my niece’s entrance into the world, my usual humor came forward once I learned that baby and mama were okay and the following was posted to my Podcast Instagram account as well as my personal twitter:

I will admit that this was ABSOLUTELY a recycled joke from when she birthed my nephew five years ago.

In this family, we stick with what works. And this works.

Well, not according to one woman on Instagram but for everyone else, it was hilarious.

Shortly after posting, I received a comment from a “lovely” woman who did not appreciate my making light of such a beautiful moment for my family and degrading my sister in such a way.

It was very quickly obvious to me that she found the post through hashtags and was not a follower of my account. Again, it was the account for my podcast, which, if you are a fan of, then you not only know my humor but that of my friends and family. We are a weird bunch.

Hell, my sister had the energy to “like” and “LOL” at my post after having a child removed from her so… you see where our priorities are.

I actually wrote a very nice response to the woman (it was actually nice and not dripping with the sarcasm that was in my knee-jerk response to her) to which she called me a heathen. I’m now considering getting that tattooed across my forehead.

Also she blocked me and I deleted the comments because I really don’t need that type of nonsense in my life, I’m far too tired.

I really have no moral to this story other than it was something wildly amusing that happened to me. I mean, I suppose it’s also important that if you are hashtag surfing and see something that makes you unhappy either ignore it or take a look at the bigger picture. Is someone being an asshole or are they always like this?

If it’s my account just know that I’m always like this.

God, I hope she never finds this blog.

2 comments on “Oh, You Must Be New Here”

  1. This is a big issue I have with social media beef/arguments. If something bothers/offend you, then keep scrolling. Why have an argument with 1) someone you do not know; and 2) someone who probably does not care what your opinion is.

    That said, congrats on your new niece.


    1. Yep. All of that! I take it all with a grain of salt because I’m so used to watching the stupid drama unfold in the Orlando Theme Park Community. I have too much other stuff to do than be involved in picking up the bait of others wanting to cause trouble.


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