Where Have You Been? Where Are You Going?

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I’m sure I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again: being a “blogger” is really hard work. Especially over the last year, as my loyal readers have noticed considering we’re lucky if I post once a month. While I’m thinking of it: how ya’ll holding up? So many of the blogs that I follow seem to have gone silent over the past year and I am just as guilty but I hope ya’ll are doing okay and we get to hear from you soon!

For me, I just find it so hard to trying to be active on so many damn platforms! Especially with running the podcast, which has been on an unplanned hiatus because I haven’t had the mental capacity for dealing with it.

Then there’s all the little things like Twitter and Instagram. We won’t even get into my Facebook page which I’m afraid to even look at right now.

Twitter is actually easy because I just randomly pop on there to say weird things and then run away without giving it much thought. So if you’re really missing me in your life: hit up the Twitter.

 There is some good news from all of this though! Just because I’ve been silent on the blog doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy working on some fun new things which is the whole point of me sitting down and writing this post. I wanted to clue everyone in to what I’ve been working on and now that I’m doing better at structuring my time, I’ll hopefully be back to regular blogging for your amusement.

So here’s a look behind the curtain of my life lately:

The Millennial Agenda Podcast: As mentioned above and before, I have a podcast! If you didn’t know about it- you do now! The idea had come to me a while ago and it took a while to get started and then it was restarted after that as I worked to figure out what it actually meant to have a podcast. It has now become my weird little baby and it’s a ton of fun albeit a whole lot of work. I currently release two episodes a week (Mondays and Fridays) and with editing, it actually takes up a lot more time than I would like but I also don’t have the means to hustle it over to someone else to edit. Someday. Thankfully I have a wonderful rotation of co-hosts that keep me motivated to keep going!

If you haven’t listened yet, I highly encourage it because there’s always something that will make you smile! We cover a wide range of topics that appeal to everyone! You don’t have to actually be a Millennial to listen to the podcast, I promise! (Click Here!)

I’ll be honest when I say my ultimate goal would be to take the show on the road and be able to record episodes in front of an audience. I really miss having an audience!

The Hot Mess Press: They say the third time’s the charm! I have tried and failed to open up my shirt shop a couple times now and it seems like this time it’s sticking around. I actually re-opened the shop on Etsy back in September when someone actually came looking for one of the designs followed by a few more. I learned that I could cheaply re-open on Etsy without having to stress too much about monthly fees and whatnot. Things have been going really well with my little shop and I’m super happy with it.

I mean, I’m not making millions of dollars or anything but it generates enough business to justify keeping around and it’s nice to have that extra pocket change hanging around. I’ve actually been taking all the profits and investing them in the stock market (because that’s a thing I do now). So my money is working for me… lol. I mean, I’m doing well on stocks so there’s that.

Anyhoo, feel free to check out my weird little shop! It’s perfect if you’re in need of some horror-inspired shirts, or some Disney shirts. Actually, if you’re like me an disgusted at the extreme lack of Animorphs merch in the world- I’VE GOT YOU COVERED!! (Click Here!)

Myself: I’ve also been taking this time to work on me which is something I’ve been neglecting far too long. I’m talking long before we entered a damn pandemic and the world went to shit. Turns out it’s really what I needed because I was burning myself out and I was miserable (more on that later). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m back to the gym which has actually been nice and while the progress is slow-going, I’m noticing a difference and that makes me happy.

Additionally I’m trying really hard to eat better- not denying myself things that are good but certainly getting back to being conscious about what I’m eating instead of just doom binging.

I’m also reading A LOT more which has honestly made me so happy. I’m not about to turn into a book review blog but I think maybe once a month I’ll do a recap of what I’ve been reading and sharing with ya’ll. I’ve challenged myself to read 100 books this year and I’m doing a pretty good job at chipping away at that goal. If any of you are on Goodreads, feel free to friend me and share recommendations!

I’m sure there’s more to report but this got long on me so I’m going to cut it off there but I promise to try and be around more! I’m shooting for at least one blog post a week and if we’re lucky I’ll get back to a regular schedule. It’s one of the many things I’m working on for myself!

I hope ya’ll are doing well! And for my blogger friends- I hope we get to hear some new things from you soon but there’s no rush. Things still suck so you do you for as long as you need! We’ll be here waiting!

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