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The 2021 Wrap Up Post I Promised Myself I Wasn’t Going to Write

I really had no intention of writing a post today, much less one wrapping up the year. I was planning on waiting until the new year to start writing posts again all while pretending I didn’t spend all of 2021 sinking to a new low of being a terrible blogger. Then about two hours ago,

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Oh, You Must Be New Here

No one is going to be surprised by this but: I got yelled at on social media. This really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone since I’m known to post the stupidest things possible at any given point but this one actually took me a full minute to fully process because of how weird it seemed

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Your Son Just Slapped A Mammoth

I have to admit that originally I was going to title this “Your Son Just Bitch-Slapped A Mammoth” but my blog cross-posts to my Twitter which is followed by a lot of educational professionals and I thought it wouldn’t be the best to put that on my page. I’m honestly not the type to have

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