I’m Just Here For the Beads

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but this week I got to ride on top of a giant gator and throw stuff at people.


UPDATE: I have been informed that this is a TERRIBLE blog post and it lacks “important details.” I feel that this is a wonderful blog post and an accurate account of my adventures this week. Some people don’t know a good story when they read one. I can assume these same people won’t be buying my book which is now available for pre-order. I’m okay with this. But for the rest of you, I shall try again.

Tuesday night my friend Becky and I rode of top of a giant gator and threw stuff at people.


UPDATE: I have been told that this is not much better and I can only assume you people are truly just monsters that like to watch me suffer. I shall try again. Because I’m a good person.


My schedule for the past few months has been hectic at best and since none of my friends work normal hours either, it’s really hard to find the time to hang out. My friend Becky has been trying to lock me down as we haven’t seen each other since sometime in November.

As luck would have it, I was going to be free Tuesday night as I would be returning from a work trip right around the time she would be getting off work at Universal so we made a plan to grab dinner.

I ended end getting home sooner than expected and she got stuck in a meeting so I got to take a nap- this isn’t important to the story, but I wanted everyone to know that napping is the best.

The plan was to meet up at Universal and enjoy the Mardi Gras offering and watch some friends in the parade. I hadn’t been to Universal since my Christmas adventure with Ashley-Michelle and hadn’t been to Mardi Gras since sometime in 2017 so I was pumped.


As I was driving into the park I got a text from Becky: “I got us wristbands to ride the float and throw beads!”

Well that sounds dangerous… to others.

One of the fun parts of Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras is that guests can join in on the fun and ride the parade floats and toss beads as all the people below. Becky had landed us a spot on the Gator float (which according to everyone is the best) and while I was a tad apprehensive, I was also excited… despite what this picture shows…


While we were in holding I ran into another friend, Jillian, who would also be riding a float albeit in another part of the parade. We discussed bead throwing strategy and mutually agreed that we would be aiming to see how many trash cans we could get beads into.

Turns out that this was a lot harder than we thought it would be because I can’t even begin to explain how hungry the people below were for beads. My final count ended up being 5 trash cans and 1 recycling bin. I’m pretty sure I won, Jillian never gave me her final count.

My bead throwing strategy was pretty much aiming for people who weren’t paying any attention what-so-ever and cute guys. Small children were getting plenty of attention and I wanted to tap an unclaimed market.

I’m fairly certain this will be the last time I’m invited to ride a parade float.


Following the parade we grabbed from beignets and a beer and wandered just a bit. We decided to stick around for the Cinematic Nighttime Spectacular as neither of us had seen the new show. Turns out it’s something you only need to see once. It was cute but the water projections were a bit lacking and we could barely make anything out. Unlike the previous show, it focused more on recent family films and left out some classic Universal stuff, like monsters.


I considered hitting up Mardi Gras again this evening but I’m having a hard time finding the energy to do much. I managed to get myself to the store but ended up leaving with the bare minimum and, since I didn’t bother to make a list, ended up without stuff I needed… so I’m going to have to go back.

I’m not looking forward to that part.

But I need trash bags.


SIDE NOTE: Feel free to check out Mardi Gras shirts available in my shop. I know Mardi Gras is technically over for the rest of the world- but I’m not here to judge.

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