10 Reasons You Have To Try The Color Run

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By now, everyone has heard of The Color Run otherwise known as the Happiest 5k on the planet. Perhaps you’ve heard about it from friends, seen awesome posts from your co-workers wearing an awesome costume, covered head to tow in bright colors and wearing the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen. The real question is, why on Earth aren’t you there?! Need a reason to register for the 2017 The Color Run Dream Tour, Presented by Lay’s® today? Here are ten of them!

10. It Is Truly The Happiest 5k On the Planet


I dare you not to smile from the moment you arrive and all the way home. The party starts before the race even begins with an amazing group warm-up to get your blood flowing and your pearly whites showing! From there it’s an amazing 3.1 miles of running, walking, skipping, hula-hooping (it’s up to you!) through color stations and more! Plenty of opportunities for photos with friends and family. Once you finish, join the biggest and brightest post-race party on the planet!

9. You Don’t Have To Like Running


Unlike most races, The Color Run is all about having fun! Take in the experience and just be you! Enjoy the costumes, the atmosphere, the music and the party!

8. Every Finisher Is A Champion


Leave your Garmin, your Fitbit and your Nike Watch at home! Sure, we all love a good PR but sometimes you just gotta have some fun! There are no timers, trackers, tags or egos here! Take the pressure off beating your best time and use the opportunity to remember why you fell in love with running in the first place! Even better, discover a passion you never knew you had!

7. It’s Group Friendly- The More The Merrier!


Some races, it can be hard to stick with friends or teammates. Not here! With no “racing” involved it’s easier to stick together in one big group and get the whole experience together which makes it easier to talk friends, family and co-workers into joining. There’s no need to be the best or fastest on this course! As a matter of fact, the more people with you, the more fun you’l have!

6. It’s Family Friendly


Whether they’re in a stroller or taking their first steps- The Color Run welcomes runners of all ages making this an unforgettable event for the entire family! Put down those smartphones, tablets, game boys (are those still a thing?) and get the whole family outside and having the time of their lives!

5. Make A Fashion Statement


Ever wanted to rock some funky colors but didn’t have the courage? Now’s your chance! The cornstarch powder easily washes out post-run so you can rock a whole-new look without fear of losing your job on Monday morning!

4. Capture The Perfect Selfie


There is no better time to capture the perfect photo than at The Color Run! With no rush to the finish you can take time to enjoy all the photo-ops along the course and document your journey from clean to colorful! Make all your snapchat, instagram and Facebook followers jealous they didn’t join you for an amazing experience!

3. The Swag


Let’s be 100% honest- there is nothing better than awesome swag when it comes to races and The Color Run does it right! Before the race even starts you’re going to enjoy a super-comfortable shirt, a headband that makes you miss 1985 and more! For 2017 you can choose from a number of awesome swag packages when you register! The best part? Your very own color packet to throw on your friends!

2. The Bling


People ask me all the time why I run and if I’m being honest, it’s all about the bling! In 2015 The Color Run gave out their first medals and in 2016 that tradition continues. The color may wash away but your sense of accomplishment will live on forever! It makes the perfect fashion accessory at meetings, weddings, bat mitzvahs, ANYWHERE!

1. Create Memories That Last A Lifetime


For the most-colorful experience, wear as much white as possible. Wedding dresses are perfectly acceptable!

Ready to join the fun? Find a Color Run race near you and register today at www.thecolorrun.com!

Will you be running in Orlando on March 25th? Be sure to say hi if you spot me!

2017’s Dream Tour Medal… it’s a unicorn. Who doesn’t need a Unicorn Medal?!


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  1. Color Run is the only event where you get to party once you cross the finish line. The event is immensely popular all over the world and although runners do not receive any prizes, they are showered with colour run powder, which is made of corn starch. Color Run is not your typical fun run event because it puts more emphasis on fun. Even first-time runners are welcome and for families who are looking for a unique way to bond with children, Color Run is a great idea to consider. Participants need to pay for the registration fees, which may vary from region to region.


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