Let’s Share Kindness This Valentine’s Day

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As you may recall I’ve set a goal to make the year 2017 one filled with kindness and compassion.

Today is Valentine’s Day. A time when Instagram and Facebook feeds are flooded with photos of all your couple friends holding hands, kissing, frolicking through a field… I have weird friends.

For many, Valentine’s Day can be rough. People could be stuck working. Miles away from their significant other. Or a million other things that could make today one to dread.

In an effort to continue sharing the love I have compiled a list of ways to Share Kindness today!

Give Out Valentine’s Cards

They may arrive late but share some love by sending Valentine’s cards to soldier’s serving overseas, residents in a nursing home, or children in hospitals. Or just carry around some pre-written cards to share with people you interact with (custodians, uber drivers, grocery clerks, etc)

Donate- Money, Food, Time

While many shelters and food banks see an influx of donations and volunteers during the holiday season, the winter months can be hard, especially with cuts being made in Washington. Consider making a donation of food, clothing, money or time to local charities and organizations.

Pay It Forward

The north east is getting hit pretty hard with snow- consider helping a neighbor shovel or clean off the car next to yours. Put money in a parking meter, pay for the car behind you at a drive-thru, buy an extra cup of coffee for a co-worker, buy some flowers to hand out to strangers on the street, or simply hold the door for someone.

Tip Your Server A Little Extra

Believe it or not many restaurant employees are required to work Valentine’s Day and are blocked from requesting the day off and unable to spend time with their loved ones. Give a little extra in your tip and be sure to show compassion. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest in the restaurant industry. Be patient and trust that everyone is doing their best to provide you with the best experience possible. It may just take some time.

Call Your Family

Call your friends and family and express your love and gratitude for having them in your life. An actual phone call, not a text or Facebook message.


Share a smile with everyone you meet! It’s amazing what a smile from a stranger can do to improve someone’s mood!

Love Yourself

Whatever your current relationship status is, take some time for you! Spend some time doing something you love! Cuddle up on the couch with a book and glass of wine. Go to a party! Do what is best for you and shower yourself with love and kindness and let that overflow to the rest of the world!

When in doubt, get an awesome T-Rex shirt! Found this gem on Amazon and I’m in love with it!

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