The Lizards are Falling! The Lizards are Falling!

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If there was one thing to sum up my entire life mood as of late, it would be a very legitimate warning issued to us here in Florida this morning by the national weather service: “Falling Iguanas Possible Tonight.”

I could explain my blogging absence these past few months and go into grand detail about I had a nervous breakdown when it came to social media and abandoned all hope for a short period of time. I was more active of twitter than I ever really have been but Facebook, Instagram and my blog were left to gather dust—but that’s not as fun as falling iguanas.


I will say that I kept putting off writing anything at all because every time I considered writing a post about why I hadn’t been back here, I would just get upset. From there, I would think about how people really don’t want to hear it. Then I’d get down on myself. Then I’d take a nap.

I started to feel like if I didn’t write a post explaining my absence then I couldn’t write other posts and things kind of snowballed from there into a giant lack of writing.

But then iguanas started falling out of trees and if that’s not a damn game-changers then I really don’t know what is.


So. Florida is not living up to the name “Sunshine state” as of late. Well, that’s actually a lie because the sun has been coming out but I think we need a replacement because it’s not doing its job. Frankly the only though that has gone through my head at all today is “HOLY SHIT IT’S FUCKING COLD!”

I mean, compared to when I lived in Massachusetts it’s not all that bad but there’s no heat in the office and my desk is next to a window so… I’m not overly thrilled.


What does this have to do with iguanas?


Apparently because of the cold they are getting cold-stunned and falling out of trees which has prompted the warnings. Even funnier is “Lizard Meat” has been showing up on the Facebook Marketplace (I’m hoping as a joke). The poor guys aren’t dead, just chilled to the point of immobility… though I guess the end result would depend on how far they fall.

But that’s why my life is right now… just hoping a lizard doesn’t fall on my head.

Everything’s fine.

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