I Think I’ve Run out Of Things to Say


Yesterday was a welcome break from life in that I finally had a day off. This working two jobs thing is getting really exhausting. Granted, I’ve pretty much got my schedule set up in a way that I have weekends off but the last two weeks and the ones coming up have me coming in on one weekend day so I’m tired.

To kind of recap from last year. I ended up getting a full time job working as a social media manager for an establishment here in Orlando. It has been an absolute blast but it doesn’t fully pay the bills right now. As a result I am still bartending a few nights a week.

And you’re caught up.


I am still travelling and speaking at schools here and there but it has certainly fallen off the past couple years are schools are spending less and less on outside resources. It’s a bummer but it has given me timer to focus on other projects and whatnot.

I have to say that I have been marinating on my second book. I’m just on the struggle bus when it comes to stories.

Which leads me to this post.

Yesterday I had the day off and spent most of it cleaning. I have solved the mystery of my missing bedroom floor- it was under all the clothes.


Once I had had enough of cleaning, I was like “I should write a blog post!” And then I realized I had absolutely nothing to write about. What the hell is interesting about the fact that I finally took down my Christmas decorations… on January 26th.

I sat on my, now very clean, bed and puzzled over what to do. So I ordered a pizza and watched 10 Things I hate About You on Disney+.

So basically I’ve got writer’s block but for life… I just need to go do something interesting maybe?

Who knows.

I’m sorry this post has wasted everyone’s time.

2 comments on “I Think I’ve Run out Of Things to Say”

  1. NOT a waste of time! We’ve all been there (I feel like I’m there at least once a week). Sometimes it just takes longer for the energy tanks to fill back up. Eventually something random and seemingly unimportant will motivate you and give you the inspiration you need to get back into the thrill of creating – that’s how it always works! Congrats on the new job.


  2. Certainly not a waste of my time. Something I needed to hear, that I’m not alone in having the same feelings now and then. Maybe it’s a holiday/January/because sometimes shit just happens thing. You’re talented. I enjoy reading what you write. Don’t stop that voodoo that you do.🤗


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