I’m Just Allergic to Being Alive at This Point


Well fall has arrived in Florida in the only way it knows how- by causing my allergies to render me as useless as an appendix for 24 hours. Congratulations fall, you did that, you did that so well. We’re all very proud.

Why is Florida trying to kill me?

I never had an issue with allergies until I moved down here back in 2014 and as a result, I’m not well equipped to deal with them. What I mean by that is that every time they get really bad, I assume I have contracted the plague and I’m going to slip into death at any moment.

Like any dramatic adult would.


I was feeling a bit icky on Sunday when I woke up but I muscled through and by time I got to work I felt better and through the evening at Universal, I was back to feeling normal. Right up until my stomach decided that it hated me.

I ended up heading home and hitting the hay because I really don’t want to be sick. At this point I’m not just burning the candle at both ends, I’ve just set the whole damn thing on fire and tossed it into gasoline.

Up until yesterday I had worked 42 days straight with no time off. Remember at the beginning of the year when I said that I wouldn’t do crap like that to myself again? Me neither…apparently.

I woke up feeling like crap and ultimately decided it was in my best interested to just stay in bed.

So I did.


I realized a bit later in the day that I was likely dealing with allergies and naturally I had nothing on hand to help me deal with them. I was told 5 years ago by a doctor to keep allergy medicine on hand for when this happened and naturally I didn’t listen. Because of who I am as a person.

Go me.

I let myself relax and whatnot yesterday in a combination of watching terrible movies and napping. I needed it and I wasn’t going to deny my body any further. I ended up hitting Target this morning to grab some allergy meds and whatnot so now I’m just sitting here trying not to fall asleep.

I also bought Red Bull because I saw this coming.

Adulting is hard.

4 comments on “I’m Just Allergic to Being Alive at This Point”

  1. It’s super frickin hard sometimes. But I’ll admit it’s nice to know that there are people like me out there, having nature as their assassins. Wheez, cough, sniff.


  2. I hope your allergies are better by now.
    Isn’t it weird how things just occur out of nowhere? As a kid I drank plenty of milk. Now, if I finish a glass of it… there is hell to pay.


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