Superheroes? In New York? Give Me A Break!

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I’ll start this off by saying, that there are absolutely zero spoilers in the post because I have no intention of actually talking about the movie. Because I’m not a jerk. Like some people.

You know who you are.


So, on the off chance that you’ve been living under a rock the last few days, it has been pop culture overload. I’m not usually one that gets hyped up about most things POP but it would turn out that everything I do actually enjoy decided to all happen at once. Starting with Avengers: Endgame


I was fully expecting to not have the time to see it until sometime after the weekend but it would turn out the universe was in the mood to let me have some fun. I was working on Thursday night and, despite a few bumps in the road, I was able to escape a lot earlier than I had anticipated. For shits and giggles, I decided to check out showtimes for Endgame expecting to find seats but horrible spots (front and center).

Sure enough, that’s what I found as I started with the 11:30pm showings and started working forward in the 15 minute intervals. Then something weird happen when I got to the 12:15 showing… it was wide open. I mean, there were a handful of occupied seats but for the most part the theatre was empty.


“Screw it,” I thought. I didn’t work until the evening on Friday so I had plenty of time to catch up on sleep following the 3+ hour journey to the end of this amazing saga. I snagged a ticket, securing my favorite place to sit when seeing a movie (back row, center). I had plenty of seats around me so I messaged friends to let them know they had the option of joining me.

No big deal either way. I actually enjoy going to the movies alone. I think I’ve mentioned this before. It’s usually a better experience for everyone. I’m very fidgety and I feel like that gets annoying and that would be especially so during a three hour film. I’m fairly certain I changed sitting positions roughly twenty million times in the first hour alone.

I’m especially fidgety when I’m tired and this was the case as we got closer to the start time.


Now, I’m not really one to hit up an opening night movie. I typically enjoy catching a weekday matinee to limit the number of people I have to be around in the theatre- the less potential talking and people on their phones the better. I’m fairly certain the last time I saw a movie opening night was Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Other big movies I have waited. Even Infinity War I saw about a week after it came out. Things were spoiled for me, but I waited.

It was actually the fear of spoilers that kept me from waiting and got my butt in that seat at such a late hour.


All was going well as the countdown to the trailers beginning right up until it wasn’t.

It started with two small children entering the theatre. Followed by two more. THEN TWO MORE. There was a family entering the threatre- all the parents and a total of six children all under the age of 10. That’s being nice I’m fairly certain they were closer to the six and seven age range.

Did I mention it’s now past midnight on a school night?

Naturally there were just a couple rows down and to my right. I’m not a naturally violent person but I was having a lot of emotions during them trying to figure out how to best arrange themselves in their seats.

“Where should the kids sit?” one dad asked.

“AT HOME” I might have screamed in my head, and also outside my head, and a little loud.

THEN another couple walked in PUSHING A STROLLER WITH A BABY IN IT.


The trailers began and the kids were rowdy. I was willing to forgive it. Frankly, until the Marvel Logo hit the screen, I was fine but after that everyone needed to shut the hell up and let me enjoy my movie.

They didn’t, but the dream was there.

The kids ended up being far more antsy than me and were chatting and asking questions the ENTIRE movie from the moment the first scene started. The parents shushing them turned out to be far louder than the actual talking.

Naturally as the movie progressed the baby woke up and started crying. Rather than fully exiting the theatre, the mom decided to simply stand in the hallway leading into the theatre WHICH HELPED NOTHING AT ALL.

And for some reason there was a dog in the theatre that would bark occasionally.


All said and done, I was glad to have experienced the film. Despite the children and the dog, it was a lot of fun being in the theatre with a bunch of fans who were just as, if not more excited than I was about the experience.

I’ll certainly go and see it again but I’m glad I was able to see it before anything got ruined because with the internet today, it was likely going to happen. The only other option would have been a social media blackout which a lot of my friends are doing until they have time to see it.

That all said, I hope everyone’s viewing of the movie went better than mine and you were able to go into it spoiler free!


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  1. I had a similar experience watching the first Deadpool movie. No dogs, but there were noisy kids to one side of me and a couple having a fight to the other side with the female and her crew periodically leaving and coming back throughout the movie. In my head I wanted to swear and get snarky at them, but considering that it was Deadpool, it probably would have sounded like background noise.
    Thanks for keeping it spoiler free. I plan to see Endgame this coming weekend. 😀


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