We’re In The Endgame Now

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I am beyond thrilled to say that we are less than a month away from my book “You’re Doing It Wrong” coming out. For anyone REALLY keeping track, that magical day is just 24 days away! You probably have it marked on your calendar already but if not go ahead and circle May 14th on there as the big day.

Actually, even better, you should probably just go ahead and head over to Amazon and pre-order it. Right now. You can click here and do it.

Well, for the moment you can pre-order the Kindle Edition of the book. If you’re like me and just really love having a physical copy, the paperback edition can be ordered on May 14th and it’ll be shipped to you ASAP!


I will say that pre-ordering does help the book in the sales rankings on Amazon and helps put it in front of more people so if you are an e-book person, pre-order helps me a whole lot!

Just throwing that out there.


That being said, as I’m racing towards the finish line for the book, there’s a lot to still be done and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m super stress out about it in all the right ways. If there is a correct way to be stressed out?

I mean, anyone who knows me knows that I’m just always stressed out. I’m a lot like the Hulk in that fashion. A tired-looking, whiskey-addled Hulk. The Incredible Drunk.

That’s not the only reason I’m referencing the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the title of my post. It’s also because I have been working on this book for the past ten years, the idea for writing it first being planted in my head around the same time that Iron Man was hitting the theatres.

It’s honestly crazy to think about just how long it’s been since I first started working on this. The person I was then versus the person I have become now. How I realize that I needed this time to really be able to create something that I am deeply proud of.

With any luck, perhaps the book will sell just as insanely as opening night tickets to Endgame.

A boy can dream.

What was more exciting was this past Sunday when I received my “proof” copy of the book.


I did an unveiling post on my Instagram story where the world got to see it the same time as me and I will be honest that I cried. After all this time, being able to hold my baby in my hands, it was an overwhelming feeling.

This was also right before I was able to sit down and watch the premiere of season 8 for Game of Thrones so there was just a lot of emotion happening all at once.


Once the shock wore off, it was time to get to work. Will a physical copy in hand I was able to take a critical look at my work and start to make some changes. There is still some editing to be done and I’ve found myself wanting to add a few things here and there and delete some others.

It may seem crazy to still be tweaking things this close to release but my goal is, obviously, to make this the best that it can be. Being the perfectionist that I am, I’ll probably never be fully satisfied and I’ll likely worry about EVERYTHING forever. But right now, I’m very happy with what I have created and I’m really excited for what’s to come.


That being said, I’ve already started working on some new things. There is a lot that didn’t make the final cut for “You’re Doing It Wrong” especially as the book evolved over the years, but that doesn’t mean I abandoned them. There are some fun stories that I still want to be able to share and put out there and I will. One such chapter ended up on my blog as I felt it didn’t quite fit the bill for this first book. You’ll recall this post “Never Again; or, the Soundtrack to Your Breakup” which I had written but ultimately decided it didn’t really fit in to what the book had evolved to.

In the end, these piece made for a better blog post than a book chapter so it lives here on my blog and I’m totally cool with that. But there are others! And those are morphing into my next project. Note above when I said “this first book.”

Yeah, I guess I’ll say it now- I’m already working on the follow-up to “You’re Doing It Wrong.” While I have a general sense of where this next project is heading, I’m sure it will also take on a life of its own. The goal is to make sure that what I’m producing it worth reading.

In preparing and writing “You’re Doing It Wrong” I spent a lot of time reading other memoirs. Some I loved, others I hated. I made note of what I hated about some of them and made sure not to repeat those mistakes. This is what helped the book evolve and take shape. This is part of why I’m glad it took as long as it did to write. If I had written and released what I originally intended all those years ago, I doubt I would be as proud of this final product as I am.

The same goes for this next book. I don’t want to ever put something out there for the sake of getting it out there. I want to forever be proud of the work that I’m doing.


That all said, I apologize for being quite absent these past couple weeks and I feel the same will happen between now and May 14th. There is just so much to focus on and be worried about that I feel like I have nothing interesting to write about blog-wise.

That’s a lie.

There’s plenty on my mind but I’m so focused on these next 24 days that it’s hard to think of anything else, much less try and sit and write. Even this post took longer than normal and I even trashed the first draft to leave for later but then got so annoyed that I couldn’t sleep until I revised it. I planned on being asleep by now—(note this is posting at 9:30am but I’m writing it at now 1:30 am. The original draft I wrote at 11:00pm. I’m doing great).

That said, I’m scheduling this to post and going to bed. It’ll be live once my alarm goes off.

Someday I’ll sleep.

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