Something, Something, Something, Dark Side


So my tax return arrived on Wednesday. Then I waved goodbye to it on Thursday. Like you do.


I originally hoped to earmark the money for another cruise for my birthday but for now that idea is on hold. It’s likely still gonna happen but I had to send money on another adventure for the time being.

That’s right, registration for a RunDisney race!

We’re less than two months away from the Star Wars Half Marathon which is my legacy race for Disney. This just means I’ve run it every year since the first one back in 2016. Since I’ve always done the challenge, that’s what I signed up for and since it’s Disney it costs roughly eleventy-billion dollars and fifty cents.

RunDisney is super expensive which is part of the reason why I didn’t run this past January. I was really disappointed to not be a part of Marathon Weekend especially since I have run every year since my first marathon. The problem is dropping so much money on the races along with having the take all that time off from work.

I’m really hoping to return in 2020 but possibly just do the Goofy Challenge. I would just do the marathon but the half marathon is Donald themed and he’s my favorite.

I’ve got time to figure it out.


Aside from my legacy, I’ve got another reason for spending all my money on this race. I’m really hoping that having a race on the books will help pull me out of this rut I’ve been stuck in.

I haven’t actually done any running since this race last year. I’ve hit the bricks a couple times but not enough for it to be worth counting. I certainly haven’t done any races. I’ve missed running so much but I’ve been in such a dark pit the last few months, it’s been hard to get myself motivated to do much of anything.

Knowing I have 19.3 miles to run in a couple months is hopefully enough to get my ass in gear. I’m not going to be looking to set any personal records but I’m really just excited to get out there. The only crappy thing is this race usually makes the end of running for a while since it starts to get grossly hot here in Orlando.

My plan is to get my ass in gear for this race and then take a look at some cheaper races for the fall. There’s actually a ton of great options here in the Orlando area so it won’t be too hard. I can already say for certain that I will be passing on the Wine and Dine Half Marathon come November. One Disney race this year is gonna be plenty. Plus for the cost of that one Half Marathon, I can do two cheaper ones.


But for now, it’s time to start putting together and adhering to a training schedule so I don’t die out there.

I’m also really hoping that by starting to run again, my mental health will improve. It has been a silent struggle for the past few months but that’s a post for another time.

For now, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out there in April!

SIDE NOTE: My whole return didn’t go towards registration. I also had to book a work trip and paid some extra money towards credit cards. So I’m not completely terrible with money. Just partially… most of the time.


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