Maybe Whiskey Is the Answer

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I should probably remind everyone that I’m not a doctor. Well, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m not a doctor but if you’re new here, I’m not a doctor. This should be evident in the fact that at the best of times, I have no money and I drive a Honda. I love my Honda.

Anyway, I mentioned the other day that I’ve had the flu and it hasn’t been the best of times. I’m actually fairly certain the post I wrote about it was so scatterbrained, I don’t blame people for not wanting to read it. I mean, people read it, but I can’t imagine that they read the whole thing. If they did, did you understand it?

I’m sick.

I’ve gotten over the hump of sickness in that I’ve had that one terrible day of sweating out the sickness and the devil has left my body to likely inhabit some of my co-workers who will undoubtedly blame me for them getting sick.


While I’ve moved past the fever and feeling like dying over and over again, I’m still plagued by a runny nose, a disgusting cough and a lack of energy. Which made working last night OH SO FUN!

Note: I’m actually writing this after returning home from work but it’ll post Friday morning so… you know… we’re pretending.

I was shift leader for the day and there wasn’t much going on. I was exhausted within an hour of getting to work but since it was slow I managed to make it through the lunch portion of the shift with my eyes open albeit coughing like a maniac. I don’t know what demon is inside me trying to get out, but I’m more than happy to let him go. It doesn’t need to be a violent affair.


The dinner shift came in and I was still hacking up a lung but we were pretty slow. I’m not used to being on Thursdays so I got to see some people I normally don’t see. One of the other bartenders works only Thursday nights and since I’m off we don’t see each other, ever. We last crossed paths on January 3rd when I was leading shift for the night.

I was happy to be able to catch up and make her laugh with my misadventures over the last month. She’s very much a mama-bear and asked what I was doing about my being sick. Rest, over the counter stuff, and lots of fluids which has been working. I was finally able to eat today without my body entering a full rebellion which was nice.

I was suddenly reminded of my younger brother of all people. He had been living with me for a short while back in Massachusetts and his answer to everything was whiskey. I, at that point, wasn’t much for whiskey so I scoffed at his suggestions which usually consisted of:

“You take a glass. Put three fingers next to the glass. Pour in that much whiskey. Drink the whiskey.”

Imagine that said in an over-exaggerated Boston accent.


I eventually mixed his advice with a co-workers and tried a hot toddy recipe which was whiskey, lemon, hot water and honey. I ended up drinking three of them and I’m fairly certain I was just drunk rather than cured.

Whatever works really.

I joked with my coworkers that maybe some whiskey was in order to make me feel better.

I left work around seven mostly because it was dead and, honestly, I was going to fall asleep if I stayed. While I’m feeling better, my energy reserves are non-existent so I figured enough was enough. The closing manger could have cared less.

On my way home, I thought “screw it” and stopped by the liquor store and grabbed a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red Label. Mostly because I had a $2 off rebate and apparently I had an additional 5% off… because I’m a member of the liquor store…


I got home and made a simple dinner of grilled cheese which is what I’ve been able to keep down so don’t judge. It’s called comfort food for a reason.

With food in my stomach, I poured myself a glass of Johnnie on the rocks with a splash of water.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m coughing less and my nose has stopped running.

Science is with me on this. I’ve done the googling and, within reason, whiskey can have some great medicinal effects. You, obviously, have to be cautious about mixing medicines and alcohol. I made sure that I hadn’t taken the over the counter stuff I’ve been on in several hours.

And again, I’m not a doctor and who knows how I’ll actually feel by time this gets posted. The moral of the story is, I’m out of my nighttime medicine and whiskey was my next best option.


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