What’s your writing process?

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People like to ask what my process is when I’m writing. I don’t have a real answer so I’m gonna babble about everything I did leading up to getting ready to write today:

I spenttumblr_o9i15y8PxH1thauf5o1_540 the better part of today getting some chores done around the house and I’m now settling in to my role as a writer. Before I could get started I made a run to Starbucks
(because I have an addiction) and now I’m settled onto the couch with laptop in hand, ready to go. I should also mentioned that I, one again, am playing The Last Five Years in the background.

I actually started writing before I stopped to write this (technically I’m still writing but I needed a break from that writing… hence me rambling here).

I’m working on a particularly emotional chapter of my memoir “You’re Doing It Wrong” and I’m finding it difficult to be able to keep a solid flow going. I think that’s why I’m so willing to allow for distractions at the moment. Seriously, you have no idea how cuddly your cat is until you don’t want to be dealing with your emotions.

So the chapter in question is entitled “Wake Up Calls” and has to do with moments in time when I received a jolt or awakening. The chapter was originally going to be centered around the events of 9/11 and the Boston Marathon, two major incidents in my life, the latter being one that hit close to home.

It took me the better part of four months to get it all out and just when I thought I was done, tragedy struck again in the form of the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

I was originally inclined to not write about it for the chapters but after yesterday’s call with Heather, I was convinced that it was a a solid fit for the point I am attempting to get across within the chapter.

The problem I’m having is that the wounds are still fresh. It doesn’t just sting, it burns. I, along, with so many others am still healing. There are people I will never talk to again, never hug again, never laugh with again because a man with a gun had so much hate inside of him, he needed to take it out on others.

So to write about this all right now, it hurts. So I’m literally rambling on here.

Okay, I’m gonna stop. I’m at the part in The Last Five Years where Jamie finds out that Random House wants to publish his book. I must go plan my own musical number for when I finally finish my own masterpiece.

Okay bye.

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