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There is a General Lack of Kitten in my Office

Well today is a sad day. For the past five days my office has been home to a small stray kitten. One of the actors that works here rescued her after she has seen the little thing hanging around her apartment building. She was an adorable little spooky kitty and I immediately fell in love

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The Real World Is Less Fun Than I Remember

I’m back ya’ll! Actually, I’ve been back since Friday but I made the terrible mistake of immediately going back to work. Lesson learned- take a damn extra day off when returning from a trip in order to readjust to the real world again. The reality is that I work in the food-service industry and, unless

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I Am Really Not That Kind Of Bartender

It has been a weird week and I am fully aware that it is only Wednesday. Thankfully, aside from running some training classes, I’m free from direct human interaction for a few days. The last couple nights, however, have been a completely different story and while I don’t normally talk about work stuff on here

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