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A RunDisney Expo in 30 Minutes Or Less or It’s Free!

The title of this post makes no sense but I thought it was funny. I amuse myself really. Anyway. It’s another running weekend and I’m making my triumphant return to the Wine and Dine half marathon weekend! I took last year off to run the New York City Marathon but this year I am back

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My First RunDisney Half Marathon

Be forewarned that I am in incredibly sappy and reflective mood as I sit down to write this post. Just a few minutes ago, I signed up for the 2017 Wine and Dine Disney Two Course Challenge, the latest edition to the RunDisney Challenge family. I had skipped out on running the Inaugural Challenge in

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Running Crazy: The Road to Dopey

In just under a month I will be embarking on an insane journey- a Dopey journey if you will. While I really don’t think this is the most insane challenge I’ve embarked on (Gasparilla weekend was a beast), it’s definitely up there. For those unfamiliar the Dopey Challenge is a part of the Walt Disney

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