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The Great Big Decagon of Life

I’m gonna go ahead and admit that this has not been my favorite week- matter of fact, it’s been downright stressful as hell. I can’t really pinpoint why, but I know that I’ve been emotionally drained to the point where I have spent far too much time sleeping. A fine example would be that it’s

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My Neighbors Want Me to be Fat… Apparently…

As I’ve mentioned a few times since the beginning of the year, I am using the 2018 year to focus on and improve a few different areas of my life. I gave myself January off because a meme told me to. Specifically this one: Yes- memes run my life. I am a sheep. I’ve decided

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My Weightless Year

Okay. I feel I should start by saying that this is NOT a fitness-oriented blog by any stretch of the imagination. The next few weeks involve a lot of running so that’s where my mind is focused at the moment but rest assured, this blog will be as A.D.D. as always. I named it “Josh

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