Tag: Unemployment

Finding My New Normal

As I mentioned in yesterday’s ramblings- I’m officially out of work due to the COVID. It’s not a cute little furlough like we had back in March, it’s a full-on layoff. For the first time in 20 years I have no job, no plan, and no idea what’s coming next. Strangely- I’m kinda okay with

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Lockdown Part 2: The Revenge of the Rona

There is really nothing better than living in a country that doesn’t take a global pandemic seriously. It’s really a step above living in a state that doesn’t take a global pandemic seriously. My favorite part was when we became an epicenter and a global laughing stock. According to the CDC website as of sitting

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Halloween Horror Nights 30: Where Do We Go From Here

When I put on my schedule to write a post about Halloween Horror Nights today, I had something completely different in mind for what I was going to talk about. I should know better than to try and plan anything in the year 2020. What a fool I am. Because today we finally got an

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