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If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say…

It has been quite the week. I have recently discovered that I have simply become a vampire. Not one of those shiny, emo ones. No. One of those “what does the sun even look like” ones. My sleep cycle has complete reset itself to being up until the sun rises and then sleeping through most

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Let’s Share Kindness This Valentine’s Day

As you may recall I’ve set a goal to make the year 2017 one filled with kindness and compassion. Today is Valentine’s Day. A time when Instagram and Facebook feeds are flooded with photos of all your couple friends holding hands, kissing, frolicking through a field… I have weird friends. For many, Valentine’s Day can

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In 2017 Lets Share Kindness

It’s no secret that I am a theme park nut. I moved to Orlando simply so I could immerse myself in the world of theme parks. I regret nothing. I, naturally, am I Disney guy through and through but that doesn’t mean that I don’t share a special affair with the other big name in

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