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Don’t Ask For Much, I’m Trying My Best Here

You’d think that will all the free time that comes from not having a job, I’d be doing a lot more writing. But here we are a full month since I last posted. I don’t really owe anything to anyone here. I don’t have sponsors and my core group of followers is super understanding of

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Because the World Just Isn’t Weird Enough

I’ve been blogging for five years now and it’s certainly been an interesting ride. My first entry was posted in March 2015 and there’s been some irregularity in it all but I’ve always done my best to post as much as possible. It’s been a struggle as of late more out of lack of motivation

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My Plate Is Full But I’ll Go Ahead and Take Seconds

Summer has arrived in Orlando and, as a result, everyone is amping up hiring to deal with the impending flood of tourists. My place of employment is no exception and therefore I’ve been doing a lot of training as of late. It’s sometimes fun and sometimes stressful but it’s life. It’s also exhausting. I’m working

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