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I’m Getting It Started In Here but the Black Eyed Peas Aren’t Invited

I’m not gonna lie, coming up with titles for blog posts is not the easiest thing in the world and, yes, I roll my eyes at myself when I come up with particularly stupid ones… like this one. You’re welcome world. Anyway. I mentioned recently, I decided that I was waiting until February to truly

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What Can I Improve This Year?

Well hello there 2018! Ya’ll know I’m not a big fan of the idea of resolutions. I find them to be a fantastic set-up for failure. Especially when people start throwing around the concept of “New Year, New Me!” I hate that. When I first started this blog way back in 2015 I talked about

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I’m Not New, I’m Improved

We’re just about ten weeks into 2015. We’re well past the celebrations with families and ringing in the New Year. We’re ten weeks away from the time when people start pledging to make changes. The biggest and most often repeated resolution of the new year is one to get into better shape. Gym memberships soar

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