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Freefalling into the Abyss

Well I have some damn exciting news. Are you ready? I’m almost done with my book! I mean, this would all be more exciting if I said I was actually done with the book but I’m struggling with the last chapter that needs to be written and I’m surprised there’s any hair left on my

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I’m Much Funnier In Cartoon Form

Do ya’ll remember Bitstrips? You basically created an avatar of yourself and inserted it into comics along with your friend’s avatars. The service was around until 2016 when it was bought by Snapchat and shut down to make way for bitmojis. Here’s my little guy: Anyway, thanks to Facebook memories, I was reminded about Bitstrips

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Farewell Toys R’ Us: I Guess It’s Time to Grow Up

The world is constantly changing. That’s the excitement of time we live it. It’s thrilling and a little depressing all at the same time. I remember being a kid and the big excitement came from hitting the local video store, going out to eat, and spending what seemed like hours wandering the aisles of Toys

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