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Running Dopey: Walt Disney World Marathon 2017

With the elimination of the half marathon on Saturday, I woke up on Sunday ready for a race. True to Josh fashion, I got zero sleep the night before the race and ended up watching Disney movies until it was time to get out of bed. My pre-race nerves are annoying sometimes. 3:30 alarm. 4:00am

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Running Crazy: Chicago Marathon- Take 2

If you happen to be friends with or follow a runner on social media, you know that Tuesday was kind of like Christmas for runners. The Chicago Marathon announced the results of their runner lottery and a select 40,000 people were made very happy. Now, I have mentioned a couple times now that I am

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Running Crazy: The Road to Dopey

In just under a month I will be embarking on an insane journey- a Dopey journey if you will. While I really don’t think this is the most insane challenge I’ve embarked on (Gasparilla weekend was a beast), it’s definitely up there. For those unfamiliar the Dopey Challenge is a part of the Walt Disney

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