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My Plate Is Full But I’ll Go Ahead and Take Seconds

Summer has arrived in Orlando and, as a result, everyone is amping up hiring to deal with the impending flood of tourists. My place of employment is no exception and therefore I’ve been doing a lot of training as of late. It’s sometimes fun and sometimes stressful but it’s life. It’s also exhausting. I’m working

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It Is Confirmed: I Am Still A Loser

I found $20 in the dryer today. Well, no so much found since I knew it was in there. Kinda. I accidently washed my pants with a bunch of money in them and the $20 was the one bill I couldn’t find when I half-assed looked for it. Then I forgot it was there. Then

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Be the Aloha You Wish to See in the World

Hello, my name is Josh and it has been four years since I’ve stepped foot on a Hawaiian Island. I am lucky enough to be able to travel all over for work and I will never get tired of the grand adventures that I am able to go on. Back in 2013 I was lucky

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