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Earth is Great, Batuu is Better

It would turned out that I lied just a little when I said that nothing interesting has really happened over the past few weeks. In fact, something amazing happened just over a week ago. I got to travel to a whole new planet! As many people know, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is opening here in

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Dopey Challenge 2018 Recap: The 25th Walt Disney World Marathon

There’s a lot to be said about running a marathon. As most know, it’s not my most favorite thing in the world. Erica loves them but I’m perfectly okay with running my half marathons and calling it a day. Yet, the Walt Disney World Marathon holds a special place in my heart because it was

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I Think That Reindeer Wants To Fight Me

My to-do list is so mind-numbingly long that you’d think I’d have spent my day off working on it and I’m sure I would have if I were a normal human being I’m sure that’s what I would have done. But I’m not. While I’m not a normal human I am sometimes a smart one.

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