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I Like That Barrel, That Is a Nice Barrel

Hello. My name is Josh Gunderson and I have an ongoing feud with a barrel. Reality is, my continued ability to make a fool of myself in public is astonishing and it’s a shock anyone allows me out of the house… granted, I do stupid things at home. Honestly, I don’t understand why I haven’t

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For the Love of Villains

Let’s flash back to 2016, shall we. It was not the best of years for just about anyone and I was looking forward to escaping into the world of Halloween Horror Nights, albeit a little bit nervous. I was having a hard time being in crowded places. I was making small trips to Disney here

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That’s Not Your Boo-Hole Josh!

Sometimes, I’m an idiot. Well, that’s not true. I’m always an idiot. But sometimes I end up doing something so incredibly stupid that I have to stop and take stock of my life and my choices. First I’ll quickly explain what a boo-hole is since it is the subject of my stupidity. A boo-hole is

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