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I’d Probably Commit A Felony For My Cat Too

So the last couple days have been, for lack of articulate description, fucking shit. I went into my weekend (Wednesday/Thursday) with such excitement and hope, that I failed to see a train hurtling towards me at full speed. What sucks even more is that I can’t even post about it without potentially causing more problems.

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Your Son Just Slapped A Mammoth

I have to admit that originally I was going to title this “Your Son Just Bitch-Slapped A Mammoth” but my blog cross-posts to my Twitter which is followed by a lot of educational professionals and I thought it wouldn’t be the best to put that on my page. I’m honestly not the type to have

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Trembling Like a Butterfly’s Wings

It’s hard to believe that it’s already June. This year seems to be flying by and moving in slow motion at the same time. Does that make any sense? June is the gateway to summer as they say and I guess that would have been exciting 15 years ago, knowing that summer was coming. That

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