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It Is Confirmed: I Am Still A Loser

I found $20 in the dryer today. Well, no so much found since I knew it was in there. Kinda. I accidently washed my pants with a bunch of money in them and the $20 was the one bill I couldn’t find when I half-assed looked for it. Then I forgot it was there. Then

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Life: Unplugged (For the Week)

I guess it’s a staycation? I don’t know how these things work. The long of the short of it is this: I’m stepping away from life for the next week. I have taken the week off from all jobs and responsibilities. No serving, no touring, no blogging: nothing. This is either going to be the

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Whelp, I Guess I’m Going to Work Tomorrow; or, Another Day I Didn’t Win the Lottery

I blame every inspirational poster ever created for the following blog post… So the other night, in the midst of several stress dreams about work, I had one that gave me pause. First and foremost can we please discuss how horrible stress dreams about work are? First off- one dream I had just last night

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