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Your Son Just Slapped A Mammoth

I have to admit that originally I was going to title this “Your Son Just Bitch-Slapped A Mammoth” but my blog cross-posts to my Twitter which is followed by a lot of educational professionals and I thought it wouldn’t be the best to put that on my page. I’m honestly not the type to have

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I Have Become One With the LEGOS

If it wasn’t completely apparent, I have recently become moderately obsessed with LEGOS as of late. Despite saying that I wasn’t going to spend the money on more of the Jurassic World sets, I ended up snagging two more of them on sale from Amazon. Now I have the full collection minus the Lockwood Estate

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It’s Official, I’m A Living Meme

At any given point in time, I am a walking anxiety potato and this week seems to be no exception. After bouncing back from a really bad depressive episode a few weeks ago, I went back into life in full force with a newfound vigor and stupidity. I published a book, got back on track

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