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A Beginners Guide to Not Being an A-Hole at Halloween Horror Nights: 2018 Edition

NOTE: Be sure to follow me on Instagram! For more random HHN updates be sure to follow me here! And maybe buy my book.. it’s the right thing to do. WARNING: There may be some foul language. I can’t be sure because I am just starting to write this but who the hell knows where

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Halloween Horror Nights 28: Send in the Clowns

51 days and counting until opening night of Halloween Horror Nights 28. But who’s counting? There have been a couple of new announcements since I last update about the event! Late last month Universal rounded out the event scarezones with some surprising intellectual property zones. I say surprising simply because I managed to miss both

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Halloween Horror Nights 28: It’s Gonna Be Totally Bitchin’

My absence from regular updates meant that I managed to fall behind when it came to Halloween Horror Nights updates. For more on rumors and my thoughts on HHN 28 be sure to check out: The World Turned Upside-Down, You Know Nothing Jon Snow, I Guess We’re Talking About Halloween Horror Nights, and Let the Rumors

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