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I’m Just A Drug Dealer For Cats Now

All over the internet you hear people talking about how much their dogs are loving having them home all day every day. I’m of the VERY strong belief that cats could not only care less, but they are quite pissed about it. I’m pretty sure mine are sick of me at this point. Between the

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What To Expect When You Weren’t Expecting

Since I find myself with an abundance of free time right now- I’m working on my backlog of blog post ideas. I’ve been up to quite a bit and there’s been a lot of crap going on- I just haven’t the proper motivation or desire to write anything. Now, I’m sitting in my car at

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Here’s Why DoorDash Is Evil, Especially During Quarantine

Whelp, here I am. Jobless. As of last night, I worked my final shift at the restaurant until further notice. With the theme parks closed and the hotels closing tomorrow, there are just no people. As a result, hours have been drastically cut for everyone. Some of us were just a little less lucky than

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