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Josh. The Worst Blogger in the World

Hi. I’m Josh and it has been 68 days since my last blog post I. Am. A. Terrible. Blogger. The worst. So bad, in fact, that I am handwriting this blog post. Mostly because I’m at a restaurant and don’t want to be that guy who brings his laptop to lunch. On the plus side,

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What’s your writing process?

People like to ask what my process is when I’m writing. I don’t have a real answer so I’m gonna babble about everything I did leading up to getting ready to write today: I spent the better part of today getting some chores done around the house and I’m now settling in to my role as

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Writer’s Block: 1 Josh: 0

I have been battling with writer’s block on and off for, I don’t know, my entire life. Five years ago I set out to write my first book* and the speed with which I am accomplishing that task is comparable to a one-legged turtle, climbing uphill, in December, through molasses. Also I just learned that

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