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My mind can be a scary place and, believe it or not, my blog posts aren’t the only thing that comes out of it! Here’s where you can do some shopping for yourself, your loved ones, or people you don’t like that much but you’d like to confuse a little bit with a random gift.

THE HOT MESS PRESS- You love my weirdness on the internet, why not wear it with pride? That’s right! I started a clothing line!! Shirt, tank tops, hoodies, hats, you name it, I put something weird on it! Much of what I have created has been inspired by my time in the theme parks will collections dedication to Halloween Horror Nights, Academy of Villains, and (don’t worry) Disney Inspired shirts.  I’ve also created “The Awkward Collection” which is pretty much dedicated to exactly what you think it is, being awkward. Click here to check out the shop!


CYBERBULLYING: PERPETRATORS, BYSTANDERS AND VICTIMS- I can be serious sometimes. Published in 2017, my first ever published book became a silent success. I wrote it to help give parents and educators an understanding of bullying without being bogged down by out-dated statistics and inflated language. I stripped the ideas down to the basics and lay it out straight. You can buy it in paperback or e-book on Amazon!