The Emotional Roller Coaster of Watching Easy-Bake Battle (Not for the Reasons You’d Think)

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Antoni Porowski be warned, Nina has her matchmaker pants on!

Also until last night, I had no idea who Antoni Porowski was.

Because I’m a terrible gay… apparently.

Last night I get a text from my friend Nina who was apparently watching Easy-Bake Battle on Netflix. I had no idea the show existed, primarily because when I’m watching Netflix, it’s the same three shows/specials over and over again because of who I am as a person. I’m also not big on reality shows/competitions so it never would have hit my radar.

But alas, I end up with this message:

Before you judge the 2-hour gap in my response, please note that I was at the movies and I didn’t see the message until I left. I had to Google the show to see who she was talking about. I agreed, he was handsome but I knew nothing more.

I ended up back home and having no idea what to do with myself so I poured a glass of wine and turned on Netflix. I found the show and decided to go for it since I really had no idea what to watch other than that.

She was right.

So, naturally I end up on another Google hunt to learn more about Mr. Antoni (which I’m shocked Nina didn’t do before texting me because she is the master at internet researching). I then had to break the news to Nina that he was already spoken for.

At that point I was invested in the winner from the first episode, Haley, so I decided to continue watching.

Pay close attention young people, this is what a Friday night in your 30’s looks like. You will go to the movies by yourself after work and then get tricked into watching a baking competition show starring a really cute and sweet man that you have zero chance with but your friend wants the two of you to get married. Also, your lower back hurts for no reason at all.

So now I am INVESTED in this damn show and falling in love with sweet, chipper Antoni. Haley is kicking ass and all is right in the world.

Then came episode three when everything fell apart.

To add insult to injury, Haley lost the episode and was going home.

The problem is that I’m now fully invested in this show and there’s only 8 episodes so I’m going to muscle through even though I’m heartbroken across the board.

I’ll survive.

So, I guess that’s my review of the show. Come for the adorable host and stay out of sheer spite? Honestly, it’s a good time and I really enjoy it. I’m watching it as I write this because I’m not a quitter.

Am I a reviewer now? Is that how it happens?

Also, Antoni Porowski is a human puppy and it was a mistake searching for GIFs of him because he’s adorable. I’ll save you the trouble of searching for yourself:

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