I Made It Out Of My First Solo Cruise With All Of My Organs Intact

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Remember, like, two posts ago when I was longing for my next cruise and I thought it wouldn’t be until January of next year? WE WERE ALL WRONG!

I would turn out that cruises get REALLY cheap during the fall when all the kids go back to school. I ended up snagging a really last minute Labor Day cruise but the only minor catch was that it was going to be a solo cruise since it was so last minute and during a time when normal people are working.

It also helps that I basically live on Royal Caribbean’s web site and am watching those prices like a damn hawk.

Apparently, people find it very strange that I’m perfectly okay with doing things on my own and there was a lot of weird concern that I would be on my own. Reality is, I spent a decade on the road, travelling around solo so I got used to doing “group activities” solo. Going to dinner, seeing a movie, zoos and aquariums? I got this.

The itinerary for this particular cruise was relatively identical to the last three cruises I’ve taken so I was very familiar with the ports and I was back on the Independence of the Seas which I had just been on in May. I actually treat excursions like I do theme parks- I’ll do stuff if the person/people I’m with want to do it, otherwise it’s not the end of my world if it doesn’t happen.

I also wanted to use the alone time to not only relax but get some much needed writing done since I have been stalled out on my new book.

One of my manager’s from the restaurant where I used to work would embark on solo cruises all the time, he loved it, and now I can see why.

The reality is, you’re going to meet and chat with new people whether you like it or not. Or, if you’re me, you’ll end up running into people you know, whether you like it or not (a story for a different time). Even if you don’t end up meeting new people, you end up overhearing some crazy shit and it makes it all worth it (another story). The point is, you will never be lonely while on a solo cruise.

I’d like to pretend that this whole post is going to be full of advice for solo cruisers but y’all have to remember that I enjoy being the most boring human on the planet.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- there is SO MUCH to do on the ship. If you are cruising solo and are nervous about leaving the ship, you’ll still have enough to do. There are amazing live shows to watch, trivia games, lectures and there’s taking all-important “me time.”

I ended up getting a lot of reading and writing done which was pretty much my goal. Soak up vitamin D, read some books that have been sitting on my shelf forever, and get the word count on the new book up to at least 25k and I was able to accomplish that while enjoying some time away from the world.

The only time things got a little weird was when I went to see the production of Grease. I had snagged the same spot I had been in for a show a couple days before and hoped I would be treated to the same, no one sitting around me, that I had enjoyed then.

I was joined by a rather chatty woman who very quickly reminded me too much of my mom for comfort. She had noticed my backpack and asked if I was working while on vacation. I mentioned that I was working on a new book and that naturally sparked more conversation. She had decided that we were now best friends and I was treated to a full life story.

At one point I had zoned out, cursing myself for sitting down 20 minutes early. It was brought back to reality when she mentioned, “illegal human organ harvesting on the black market” and my brain was like…

Sadly, it was not the strangest thing I had heard on this trip but it certainly took the cake.

She then ended up being the worst person to be sat next to during a show as she kept getting up (at one point almost being run over by the cast who was jaunting through the aisles of the theatre) and then pointing out various things happening on stage.

Yes, Sandy is over there on a balcony, I’m familiar with how live theatre works, thank you.

Far too much like my mom for comfort and I hated every minute of it.

Thankfully, after the show, I spotted the cruise director, Ricky, who I had met back in May so I stopped to chat with him for a spell because it gave me an excuse to not be near the organ-harvesting lady anymore.

I do have more stories to tell but I’ll leave it here for now. I survived my first solo cruise and didn’t wake up in a bathtub full of ice so I consider it a win.

If you are hoping for more insane stories and happenings, you are in luck! I’m going on a weekend cruise at the end of the month with Angela again and another solo trip at the end of October. And, for the record, I booked the January trip.

I’d like to pretend that I’m slowly becoming a cruise blogger. Wouldn’t that be something? Granted, I doubt any of my content about cruising is what Royal Caribbean is looking for.

Or are they?

Hit me up RCL, let’s make some magic.

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