An Island of Abandonment Issues


Remember last year when I was super excited to join the ranks of millions of people who chose to escape reality and settle into a simple island life and fall into a wild amount of debt to a cartoon raccoon?

Yeah, me too.

I spent an insane (and probably unhealthy) amount of time visiting my little virtual friends and driving them insane with my constant island renovations. I worked to fill the place with only the best and most adorable little villagers one could find. Seriously Dom is an icon and Stitches needs to be protected at all costs.

During the Halloween event I was thrilled because that’s my time to shine and I worked to create a lovely horror-themed island to the best of my abilities. There’s little tributes to Jaws, It, and Friday the 13th all over the place and I even have the painfully demonic looking Coco on my island. Seriously, she is nightmare fuel.

And then something happened. I can’t quite place my finger on it but soon, logging in daily wasn’t happening. Then I started to feel guilty and overwhelmed by the prospect of logging in and discovering that everyone had died. I mean, I know that wouldn’t happen but I’m from the Tomagatchi generation so I’ve been burned by little digital animals before.

One week turned to two, weeks turned to months and almost every day I could hear my Switch whispering from my nightstand, “mmmmuuurrrrrrddddeeeeerrrreeerrrr.”

The guilt was real.

So I finally logged back in and the guilt got even worse. Not because everyone was dead, but because they laid down guilt trips that rivaled anything my parents ever could. Like holy shit.

To add insult to injury the first thing I had to deal with was Gulliver because OF COURSE HE WAS THERE! Please note how I’m still in winter wear…

I mean technically the first thing I dealt with was the infestation of cockroaches in my house because apparently that’s a thing you get to deal with.

Next up was the villager guilt trip tour when I had the pleasure of walking around and getting yelled at by every last one of my villagers for disappearing on them which made me feel like a giant piece of human garbage. This must be how Ted Cruz feels all the time.

Thanks Stitches, like I didn’t feel bad enough.

Lucky coming in clutch with the TMI

Hopper is just calling it like he sees it.

Following the “Where the hell were you” tour, I then had to deal with weeds. So many weeds. I mean, not really. There’s not a whole lot of spare space around my island for weeds to pop up but that really didn’t stop them from appearing.

I spent about an hour or so cleaning up and making all my apologies to everyone. Except Tom Nook, he could have cared less about my well-being. My mortgage is paid, he’s done with me.

I haven’t really been spending too much time on the game now that I’ve returned but I’m trying to pop in every couple days just to let them know I care. On top of everything, Kyle asked to move the day I started playing again so I let him go. I found Judy on an island hunt so it felt like a good trade.

We’ll see what the future holds.

Is anyone still playing?

You can visit my spooky dream island: DA-1879-9098-1533

Let me know what you think of it! You know… now that it’s May.

3 comments on “An Island of Abandonment Issues”

  1. I still play Animal Crossing but not as much as I used to. I’m still terraforming my island and about 2/3 done. If I knew my friend code I would give it to you, but I don’t have it memorized. 😂

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