This is Supposed to be Fun, Right?

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I have, admittedly, been on the struggle bus when it comes to finding what my own personal “new normal” looks like. You’d think that after a year of adapting to all the fun new buzzwords that I personally can’t wait to never hear again. These include (but are not limited to): Social Distancing, Quarantine, Lockdown, Unprecedented, and even New Normal is starting to get on my nerves.

On a happy note, I have gotten my first dose of the Pfizer Vaccine. I need to write about it because if I don’t tell the internet the obviously it didn’t happen. I am very sad to say that I didn’t get a sticker for my efforts which is some pretty solid bullshit but it’s on-par with all the other times I’m supposed to get a sticker and never do (ie: voting).

For those in general wonderment about the vaccine, I don’t have much to report other than my arm hurt for a couple days due to it being an intramuscular shot. The day after I got it, I was also just super drowsy and ended up sleeping a lot more than I had intended for the day.

I promise to try to remember to possible put my best effort into writing a post about the second shot but… as we can all see, I’ve been a horrible blogger this past year.

I honestly have to shout out all those people who are able to maintain a blog, a podcast, an instagram, a twitter- basically people that have mastered being able to do all the things at once. I honestly have no idea how they do it. I have found that I can do one at a time. My biggest focus has been on the podcast as of late because of how much time it actually takes to make that happen. But I’ve also been really bad about it because, even today, no new episode went up due to lack of recording one.

One thing I have done is actually started going back to the gym and running. I obviously haven’t gone in a while because- you know- global pandemic. Even when they opened back up, I was still working at the time, and worried about the well-being of myself and those that I worked in close proximity with. I froze my account and then just kind of forgot about it even after I wasn’t working anymore. I have been working out at home but a part of me really missed running.

Now, you’d think I’d go for a run in my neighborhood but when I tried that I almost died, a lot. The sidewalks around here are not that well taken care of and I’d try to run within my community but speedbumps and people that drive like asshats are a risk. I then tried going to the community center gym when it reopened but there are only two treadmills. One is broken to the point of just not working and the belt on the second one is wonky and feels weird to run on.

So back to the gym is has been.

I finally went for the first time this past Saturday and it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Mostly because I went at 6:30 in the morning. There was only about 5 people there when I arrived and maybe 5 or 6 more showed up while I was there. Everyone stayed away from everyone and it was nice.

The second hurdle to get over was the fact that I haven’t run on a treadmill or elsewhere in forever. Like, it’s been a really long damn time. I was convinced that it wouldn’t go well but surprisingly it’s almost like riding a bike… only there is no bike.

My body seemed pretty damn on board for what was happening and I managed to get through and felt pretty damn good.

I’m not saying I’m ready to go back to running marathons anytime soon, or even just half of one. Maybe a 10k but not a very good one. Probably a really awkward 5k.

But it’s all a step in the right direction and that is getting back on track. What’s actually been nice is the fact that I’m getting up stupid early to beat any potential crowds and getting shit done with the rest of my day. It’s actually been nice to adjust to being a normal human being again. Well, normal for me.

Now that I’m not bartending anymore I’m not keeping ridiculous hours, sleeping all day, staying up all night. I’m still working on getting a proper routine down for all of this (it’s only been three days now) but I feel good and it feels like good things are finally happening.

I mean, I could be wrong and everything will go to hell tomorrow, who knows.

Other than that, I’m just sitting here doing my thing. It’s been hard to write about stuff mostly because I have no stuff that seems worth writing about. My job search is frustrating, people are frustrating, life is frustrating.

Basically I feel like nothing going on in my life is particularly funny or entertaining. Granted, I have no idea why people come here and read my nonsense so many you want all the weird nitty-gritty.

I don’t know your life.

But whatever brought you here, or made you subscribe or keeps you coming back- I hope I can deliver for you as I sit and figure out what the hell I’m doing.


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