Finding My New Normal

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s ramblings- I’m officially out of work due to the COVID. It’s not a cute little furlough like we had back in March, it’s a full-on layoff. For the first time in 20 years I have no job, no plan, and no idea what’s coming next. Strangely- I’m kinda okay with it.

I will admit that I did spend the last week in a bit of a funk and took a much needed break from all social media. So many people like to believe that working in Social Media is all fun and games- taking pictures and posting memes, rinse and repeat. I mean, sure that’s part of it, but in all of that you are absorbing everything that is going on in the world.

I was mentally exhausted.

Now I’m back and trying to figure out my next steps. Obviously I’m working on finding a new job because unemployment is the worst. But I’m also using this time to focus on me for the first time in a while and there is a lot to be done.

Over the course of 2020 I’ve been really bad at keep up with my personal things. Life has been consistent in screwing me over and it’s all really gotten to me. I haven’t been writing as much and therefore my blog has suffered. My Instagram has been severely neglected though I’ve been working on that more lately. I have actually been better about Twitter but that platform is easy for just posting whatever comes to your mind and letting it loose. I should probably be more polished but it’s 2020, who cares.

Sure, a lot of this can be blamed on COVID but I’m getting tired of using that as my crutch in these times. No more!

A lot of people have been asking me what my plan is going forward. My plan is me.

It might sound a little bit selfish but I’ve been neglecting myself for far too long. I have always spent more time trying to do things to make others happy and have forgotten to take care of my happiness. Much of this extends before 2020 dug it’s ugly claws into all of us.

Fall is my favorite time of year and even though it looks a little different I’m not going to let that ruin my happiness. So tomorrow, my Halloween decorations are going up. It’s been on my to-do list for the past two days but I’ve kept pushing it to the bottom as I worked on other things. Tomorrow it’s number 2!

It takes baby steps and this is the first one. I’ve challenged myself to use this next month to focus on myself in a number of different ways. Physical, Mental, and Emotional.

So here’s to ending the year on my terms!

Let’s do this.

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