I’m a Terrible Influence on My Virtual Friends


So… I, like much of humanity, have become obsessed with Animal Crossing. I really never saw this coming. But the problem is I’m starting to become a horrible influence on my villagers in the most innocent way possible… if that’s even a thing.

For those not playing (really?) here’s what I’m referring to. Once you get to a certain level of friendship with your villagers, they ask you for thinks like coming up with a new catchphrase for them. Problem is one of them happened to ask while I was watching Supernatural on Netflix and there was a montage of one of the characters saying his catchphrase…


Whelp, Bluebear asked me at the wrong time and so she ended up with Bobby Singer’s catchphrase resulting in conversations like this happening on my island:




This is a shining example as to why I’m never going to have children.

3 comments on “I’m a Terrible Influence on My Virtual Friends”

  1. I used to make ridiculous catch phrases for New Life but it seems like you can only give nickmaes in New Horizons… I might be wrong though. I assumed that you tried to trap your villagers in tiger cages or flood the land or something along those lines. Then again, I can see why you wouldn’t want kids to visit your island. Oh, you can also smack villagers that you don’t like with your net which will make them hate you and hopefully, it will get them to leave.


    1. This is my first time playing any Animal Crossing and, for the most part, I’ve been very nice to my villagers. I’ve been asked for catchphrases and greetings in new horizons. The nicknames seemed to be locked in to what they want.

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      1. There’s a couple villagers on my island who I wish would leave. I have yet to be asked for a catchphrase, but they will give me nicknames if I let them. I will always change it to what I want vs. what they want to call me! 😂 I hope you enjoy the game. Tbh I have only played New Leaf in the past, and now this. It’s a pretty chill game.


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