The World Cancelled My Cruise and I Lost My Damn Mind


It shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone but… my cruise got cancelled.

I was really holding out hope that we’d be sailing in May but when the CDC extended their “no sail” guidelines another 100 days it was pretty much a given that I wouldn’t be sipping colorful drinks on a ship deck anytime soon.

Naturally this caused me to lose my damn mind.

So I did what any normal person would do and I hunted down the recipe for my favorite Royal Caribbean Margarita (The Smokey Rita), chased down all the appropriate ingredients while practicing responsible social distancing, and made it… and then put on a video of the ocean and sat in front of my TV drinking it while pretending I was on a cruise ship.


So that’s how my self-isolation is going.

Be well all.

3 comments on “The World Cancelled My Cruise and I Lost My Damn Mind”

      1. I love sweet and fruity drinks that smack you with a lead weight right between the eyes lol. I love the names too although English cocktails are a lot more risqué than American ones!


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