Because the World Just Isn’t Weird Enough

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I’ve been blogging for five years now and it’s certainly been an interesting ride. My first entry was posted in March 2015 and there’s been some irregularity in it all but I’ve always done my best to post as much as possible. It’s been a struggle as of late more out of lack of motivation than lack of things to talk about. This whole self-isolation thing is really messing with my mental health. One of the biggest things it how much I miss my friends.


In an effort to stay sane, I’ve been talking to many of my friends on the phone more just shooting the shit and sharing quarantine stories. While I was talking to Ashley-Michelle one afternoon I realized that now would be the time to finally get going with our idea to start a podcast. We’ve been talking about it since last year but never really had the time.

Now we have nothing but time.

So we did it.

We’re officially podcast people.


For our first episode we kind of just talked while both on instagram live. It was a lot of fun but definitely a whole lot of weird. You’re more than welcome to check it out here:

The podcast is called “The Millennial Agenda” and it’s pretty much about nothing at all. Probably not the best way to describe it but who the hell knows. It’s pretty much just us chatting about whatever. For the second episode we chatted about cooking. I read an article that said that Millennials don’t know how to cook and I took great offense to that.

We ended up talking at great length about our cooking habits. It was a lot of fun. You can heat that episode here:

Tonight we’re recording our third episode and hopefully working out a schedule for recording. During our down time we’ll likely be doing two a week and move to once a week when we’re finally back to work. I’m looking forward to the weirdness we have to offer.

Hopefully you get a chance to listen and if you like it- we can be found on most hosting platforms like Google and Apple.

This isn’t a post so much as an update on what I’ve been up to. I’m trying to get the motivation to write more it’s just been really tough. I’m getting there. I promise. More of my weirdness to come.

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