What To Expect When You Weren’t Expecting


Since I find myself with an abundance of free time right now- I’m working on my backlog of blog post ideas. I’ve been up to quite a bit and there’s been a lot of crap going on- I just haven’t the proper motivation or desire to write anything. Now, I’m sitting in my car at an autoshop with some poor man under the car. On top of being a horrible blogger, I’m terrible at general car maintenance. I am VERY overdue for an oil change. I’m sorry poor man under my car.


Can I also mention that I find the whole concept of drive-thru oil changes both wonderful and weird. I get to awkwardly sit in my car while some man crawls around under me. The price is a little more than I would care to pay for an oil change but here we are.

If you’re mentally chastising me for not practicing everyone’s favorite buzzword right now, I would agree but A) I needed to get this done because it’s been an obscene amount of time since my last oil change and B) I needed to get some boxes from Lowes. I also made a quick trip to the store to try to get some food. I, thankfully, didn’t need a whole lot because there wasn’t much to pick from.

I really hope that when this is all over people take a long hard look at how ridiculous they acted. Yes, this is a wildly unprecedented event, something I hope to never have to experience again. I’ve seen a lot of fear in people’s faces and their actions and it makes me sad.

I’m not saying I’m not scared. I’m painfully worried about what happens next. I do know that once things start to get back to some sort of status quo, the restaurant will be there and I’ll go back to saying weird things to people who dare sit at my bar. We know our jobs are waiting for us when this is all over.

But I was laid off of my marketing job. My full-time job. And that scares me. I mean, I understand why they did it, the whole company was laid off to give us the ability to apply for unemployment. We know that we’ll have the opportunity to apply for our jobs again once this is over, but there is no timeline for when this will end.


And then in the middle of all of this, I’m in the process of moving. I’m not now, or probably ever going to go into the details of the ‘why’ of this situation but it’s what’s happening. Certainly not ideal to be trying to move in the middle of the world ending yet here we are.

Needless to say, I’ve not been having the greatest year.


So what does all this mean? Whelp, I’ve decided that I’m going to try to write something for this poor little blog every day. Like I said, I’ve got a bunch of things jotted down that I’ve wanted to write, I just haven’t had the time. Now I do.

Even with moving there’s still time to write. I hate packing with a fiery, burning, passion so regular breaks to just sit with my notebook are a welcome distraction. Mostly because it keeps me from wanting to just set everything on fire from having to deal with it. Had I more time to pack and move, I would go through and donate or trash a bunch of stuff but since I don’t have that luxury, I’m going to deal with it when unpacking.

Who are we even donating to anymore? Salvation Army is psychotically religious and supports groups that I can’t get behind. Goodwill is just plain evil. I know books can likely be donated to a local library. Who takes toys? I have some knick-knacks that I know kids would probably like. They are too advanced for a daycare.

Anyone have any thoughts?

And where do clothes go now.



4 comments on “What To Expect When You Weren’t Expecting”

  1. I’m currently in China, and we already lived with three months of this thing. Two months on total lockdown during the quarantine zoning acts. You will get through this! Hang in there, and use this time to catch up on personal stuff. We’re slowly seeing life returning to normal, and you will too. Cheers


  2. I try to take clothes and household stuff in good condition to a mix of these:
    Homeless shelters.
    Women’s refuges. Especially household stuff to help them in a new home.
    Habitat for humanity.
    Social Services. Especially if you have suitcases/bags/backpacks for foster kids.

    What a rotten time to move. I wish you were closer, I have a ton of Lowe’s moving boxes! Good luck 😊


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