To All the Movies I’ve Ignored Before

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Hello dear people of the internet, I’m back with another strange wondering because I’ve recently realized that I’ve developed a weird habit… non-habit… I don’t know what it is but I’ve sure got it. Have it? Gotten it?

Listen. Words are hard.

I was scrolling through Netflix the other day and saw that Kill Bill, Vol 2 was on there and I haven’t seen it. I had watched the first one years ago with a guy I had been seeing. He’s actually the subject of this post from a while ago about my favorite first date.

Anyway, we had watched the first one together and I had really like it and we had planned to watch the second one the next time we saw each other. We never saw each other after that and as a result I’ve never watched it. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it either. Someday I might.

Then last night I was scrolling through my Vudu account for something to watch and there’s a couple movies I own on there that I still haven’t watched yet. Each one, I had said I would specifically watch with certain people- some I still have in my life, others I don’t.

So basically, there are a bunch of movies I haven’t watch simply because I had promised to watch them with people and I haven’t….

Am I the only one doing this?

Am I a crazy person?

Well, yes I’ma crazy person.

But does anyone else do this with movies and TV shows.

I should probably just suck it up and watch them.


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